The Darkness of Xarthemis Special, Part 2: Xarthemis Battle

Quick note: This episode was originally the second half of the first episode of The Darkness of Xarthemis (titled "Not Everything is As It Seems"). The episode as one whole was over 2 hours long, so it has been split into two, with the second half being uploaded as the second episode.

The episode was recorded and originally released in 2018, and compared to current episodes leaves a LOT to be desired. It was recorded early on as a spin-off filler episode one week when most of the regular group couldn't get together to record. In it, RJ (Joan/Joshamee in the Ornon campaign and Ben in the Vassanoka campaign) DMs an original campaign with Ash (Romash/Dorrin in the Ornon campaign and Kroll in the Vassanoka campaign), Ray (who at the time was not an official member of the podcast, but is now Brunhilde in the Ornon Campaign), and RJ's sister Mandi (in her first time ever playing D&D).

Greetings, adventurers! Welcome to the Realms & Nerds podcast! Join our three heroes- Tyr Snowstrider, Harkana Chipoffin Smokelash, and Dave- as they take on the Darkness of Xarthemis!

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Tyr throws some Hail Marys. Harkana cheers her companions on. Dave has difficulties spellcasting.

The Darkness of Xarthemis is an original campaign created by RJ Moore.

Realms & Nerds music by RJ Moore

Main theme composed by Kyle Rice, arranged by RJ Moore

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