Harried in Hillsfar Special, Part 1: Trouble On the Farm

Quick note: This episode is a special episode we recorded while on vacation! This episode has a special guest, Kyle (the composer of our main theme!) joining Ash (Rhomash/Dorrin in the regular episodes) and RJ (Joan/Joshamee in the regular episodes) in an official Adventurers' League dungeon, DM'd by Bronson (Michael/Dracarys in the regular episodes)!

Greetings, adventurers! Welcome to the Realms & Nerds podcast!

Join our three heroes- Larry, Syr Torchmend, and Thorin- as they take on part one of Harried in Hillsfar!

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Larry charges in. Syr roasts a chicken. Thorin does a lot of kills.

Harried in Hillsfar is an official Adventurers' League dungeon. Adventure Code: DDEX3-1 PDF

Main theme and underlying music composed by Kyle Rice, re-recorded by RJ Moore

Closing theme by RJ Moore

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