The Return of Ornon, Episode 12: Wedding Awry

Greetings, adventurers! Welcome to the Realms & Nerds podcast!

Join our five heroes- Joan Redsun, Seebo Turel Nim, Brunhilde Hearthome, Rhomash Scarbearer, and Michael- as they continue their journey in The Return of Ornon!

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Joan gets some much-needed sleep. Seebo makes a new friend. Brunhilde joins the quest. Rhomash bears down on a wall. Michael attends a wedding.

The Return of Ornon is an original campaign created by Harrison Owens.

Realms & Nerds music by RJ Moore

Main Theme composed by Kyle Rice, arranged by RJ Moore

"Wedding March" composed by Felix Mendelssohn. Arranged by RJ Moore.

"Bridal Chorus" composed by Richard Wagner. Arranged by RJ Moore.

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